1, Patent Pending in 147 Countries 
2, Runs on Hydrogen 
3, No Air Intake & No Exhaust
4, 100% FUEL BURN
5, Zero Emissions 
6, Safe conversion to Hydrogen of all          Petrol & Diesel Engines.


The ways of emissions-free motive transport
For many years the have been two offerings in zero emissions BERROW-ZEICE IS THE THIRD WAY  

1, Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries are a tried and tested zero-emissions option.

Life span and warranty can be short.

Retained depreciation asset value is unpredictable.

Charging can be a challenge and most who own one suffer "electric stress". 

The biggest downside is you have to buy a new vehicle. 

Invented by the Canadian, Lewis Fredrick Urry in 1959


2, Hydrogen Cell

Hydrogen cells have less than <40% energy conversion.

They need large battery storage because they cannot produce enough power on demand to get the vehicle rolling from a standing start.

This zero-emissions option is a complicated system and is costly when they go wrong.

 Yes, you need to buy a costly new vehicle. 

Invented by the Welshman, William Robert Grove in 1840 


NOW there is a third option BERROW-ZEICE. 

This revolutionary new disruptive technology allows the conversion of ICE vehicles to zero emissions.

Ordinary petrol and diesel engines can easily be converted at a low cost and mostly within a day.

More efficient than petrol or diesel engines as all the fuel presented to the engine is burned. 

This innovation will fit over 2 billion engines on earth today.

No need to buy a new vehicle.

Invented by the Welshman, Stephen E Berrow in 2021/22 

Note from the inventor
"I know that it works and I know how it works, moreover I know why it works"





There are currently two zero-emissions offerings on the market today. One is the lithium battery the other is the hydrogen-powered fuel cell. The problem with these offerings is they are expensive because you'll need to buy a new electric vehicle or power generator.

However, there is now a third option. A zero-emission conversion for all types of internal combustion engines, with no air intake and no exhaust. 

Steve Berrow the inventor of the BERROW-ZEICE hydrogen conversion system said;

“I currently have a patent filed on the 1st of March 2022 consisting of, 6403 words on 25 pages with 19 claims and 13 drawings, complete with a fully working and tested proof of concept. 

“The great thing here is that it works, plus the fact I know how it works, and even better I know why it works, and it burns 100% of the hydrogen presented to the engine so it's very efficient.”

Is this new disruptive technology a "game-changer" in the needful rush to reduce carbon emissions? 

There are currently around 2 billion internal combustion engines on our planet spewing out toxic gasses of all kinds. 

With this novel approach, we can start converting the current (ICE) engine stock over to a clean and vastly more efficient hydrogen-burning system with no need to wait till 2050, which may be too late to halt the freaky weather we are currently enduring.

Born in a domestic garage in Wales UK on a low budget, BERROW-ZEICE is a Zero Emissions Engine with a safe-pressure delivery and low temperature at the exhaust valve, and a system that burns 100% of the hydrogen fuel presented to the engine. Some of the greatest businesses and innovations in the world started in a garage such as Amazon, Apple, Disney and Microsoft.

So how will BERROW-ZEICE fit into the already stressed energy environment?

Steve said;

“It's not beyond the current technology to make core changes to the way we need to live. The truth is we have been burning hydrogen for hundreds of years, the problem is, the hydrogen is attached to a carbon atom and now this has become a major global issue. 

“Happily, we already have technologies to remove the hydrogen atoms from the carbon atom not disrupting the need for oil & gas and the economy that it supports.

“With the BERROW-ZEICE system, the door is now open to seamlessly transition over to a hydrogen economy worth trillions per year, without putting companies and people under financial stress.”

Imagine a world with clean air, a vast reduction in global warming gasses, and balanced sustainability in energy economics, environment and social equity. BERROW-ZEICE is inviting viable organisations capable of technology proliferation via Patent Licencing, Outright Patent Purchase and Technology Proliferation Partners.

 If you are part of a viable Company and passionate about hydrogen transition please get in touch… 



Our team

We are ready to help you know more about this exciting new tech development 

Steve Berrow

The Innovator Guy

Designed, built and ran a biodiesel micro refinery, produced 5.5 million litres per annum, and made the Bio fuel that ran the live earth concert in 2007.  Ran a biodiesel sales company turning over £1.2 million in the first year.  Patented micro ice-making machine.  Design of  a continuous flow endothermic depolymerisation solution.  Current project regarding the use of hydrogen in a traditional combustion engine. 

Richard Williams

The Commercial Guy  

Biog soon  

Richard Fellows

The Numbers Guy

Richard is a qualified accountant with extensive corporate experience at CFO level in a career spanning over thirty plus years.


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